Firefighters have rescued a cow from a swimming pool - the fifth bovine that they've had to rescue from a pool or canal in six weeks.

An Animal Rescue Unit from Cheshire Fire and Rescue used a portable pump to partially drain the pool while a farmer made a series of steps to help the uninjured dairy cow out of the watery confines back onto dry land.

A local farmer made a hay-bale stair case to help the cow to mooove out of the pool. Credit: Cheshire Fire and Rescue

Officers believe the cow escaped its field the previous night and wandered onto the canvas cover of the pool before falling in.

Five water-bound bovines have needed rescue in Cheshire over the last six weeks: A 700kg (1 ton) Limousin cow was pulled from the canal near Natwich last week and three calves were recovered unharmed from a disused pool near Chester in August.