The Labour Party Conference in 10 photos

As the media circus that was covering the Labour Party Conference moves on, ITV News looks back at ten memorable photographs from this year's event.

1. Sandals and chill: Jeremy Corbyn relaxes in his hotel room

Labour released a set of images showing Mr Corbyn preparing for his first leader's speech in his hotel room in Brighton.

This one showing off a natty red socks-and-sandals combination is our favourite.

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn in a state of repose in his hotel room. Credit: PA

2. The Shadow Cabinet don't applaud Corbyn's Trident stance

During his speech to the Labour Party conference, Mr Corbyn made clear that he opposed spending £100 billion on renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent.

The majority of his Shadow Cabinet didn't seem to agree with him, as this image shows many of them neglecting to clap at his comments.

The majority of the shadow cabinet didn't applaud Corbyn's anti-Trident stance. Credit: ITV News

3. Labour to the rescue!

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow Chancellor John McDonnell assist Councillor Candy Atherton off the stage after her wheelchair became stuck on the stage after her speech.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow Chancellor John McDonnell show off their practical skills. Credit: Reuters

4. No kissing please, we're Labour

Merchandise for sale at the Brighton conference displays some rather bold statements.

'Never kissed a Tory' was a popular slogan on the Labour slogan Credit: PA

5: New politics and fresh faces

Jeremy Corbyn - whose mandate as leader is larger than that of Tony Blair's in 1994 - takes a walk along the Brighton seafront with a gaggle of fresh-faced Labour supporters.

Mr Corbyn and some Labour supporters in the sunshine. Credit: PA

6. Andy Burnham paints the town red

It's not a political conference without a bit of a sing-song. Shadow Home Secretary Andrew Burnham wascaptured on camera "rocking out" during a Labour after-party.

Sun journalist Harry Cole tweeted the video of Burnham singing the Beatles classic ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ during The Mirror's karaoke party on Tuesday.

Mr Burnham singing a Beatles banger in the Labour conference aftermath. Credit: @MrHarryCole/Twitter

7. The political commentariat rate Corbyn's first speech as leader

Three political commentators gave ITV News their views on Jeremy Corbyn's speech.

Philip Collins, Ayesha Hazarika and Owen Jones. Credit: ITV News

8. Sadiq Khan battles against political journalists

Labour's Member of Parliament for Tooting Sadiq Khan takes a tumble during the annual hacks-versus-MPs football charity match, which raised money for Breast Cancer Care.

Despite the efforts of Mr Khan and team, The Press Gazette reports that the gentlemen of the Fourth Estate won 2-0.

Mr Khan hits the deck during the match. Credit: Reuters

9: Say it with flowers: Harriet Harman gets a bunch from Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn hands a bouquet of flowers to his predecessor, interim leader Harriet Harman.

Harriet Harman receives a bouquet of flowers from Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn during a tribute to her service during the Labour Party annual conference at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, Sussex. Credit: PA

10. Here's a picture of Jeremy Corbyn holding a massive marrow

And finally, the Labour leader was presented with a rather large marrow when he visited a local independent store in Brighton.


Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn (centre) is presented with a marrow by local independent store in Brighton Credit: PA