Assad: IS expanding in Syria because of the West

President Bashar al-Assad has said the international coalition led by the US and formed to try and defeat Islamic State had made the situation in his country worse.

He claimed that IS is now expanding because of the West's activities in the region.

The Syrian president also told Iranian TV that western leaders' "plotting against Syria" had failed.

Russia is carrying out military action in Syria in support of President Assad.

In the interview he stressed that Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq were united in fighting terrorism and will achieve "practical results".

Russian planes have hit 10 Islamic State targets in the past24 hours, the country's defence ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

The strikes reportedly had hit a terrorist training camp, including asuicide belt factory

David Cameron has criticised Vladimir Putin for using military action to support Syria's President Assad and his regime saying it was a "terrible mistake".

Violence in Syria began in 2011 and eventually the country became embroiled in a brutal civil war.