Lexus reveals Origami-inspired car as a 'celebration of craftsmanship'

Luxury car maker Lexus has made a full-size driveable 'Origami car' out of cardboard.

Modeled after the company's IS sedan, Lexus designed the 1:1 scale and built it out of thousands of sheets of precision-cut cardboard.

Lexus say that it was made as a celebration of the "human craftsmanship that goes into every car."

It took two weeks to cut the cardboard sheets by precision laser. Credit: Lexus/LaserCut Works

The skilled men and women – known as takumi – who work on production lines for Lexus hone their dexterity skills by learning how to fold paper into a origami model cat, using only their non-dominant hand. The company says this inspired them to make the model.

From the finest details of the interior to functioning doors, wheels and headlights, this Origami car is certainly unique.

The detail of the car's build is remarkable. Credit: Lexus/LaserCut Works

But it's not entirely made of cardboard: The papery body is mounted on a steel and aluminum frame and is powered by an electric motor - allowing the car to be driven.

Lexus teamed up with LaserCut Works and Scales and Models - a south London design company - to bring the Origami Car to life.