Russian weather presenter forecasts perfect conditions for airstrikes on Syria

Credit: Rossiya24

Viewers of Russian state channel, Rossiya 24 were given a special three minute forecast - on weather conditions for airstrikes in Syria.

Meteorologist Ekaterina Grigorova, presented the forecast saying: "In Syria, the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces is continuing and as experts have noted, the time chosen for it in terms of the weather was very fortunate."

The screen behind her read "flying weather" and was accompanied by an image of a plane dropping bombs on targets.

Ms Grigorova then reassured viewers that “[The climate] in October in Syria will very advantageous for pilots," adding that that wind speed is low with rain will fall roughly once every ten days.

However, she did urge pilots to act swiftly to avoid the cloudy conditions that often set in over Syria around November.

Footage of airstrikes already carried out were also aired as part of the segment.

Russian support for the country's intervention in the Syrian conflict has been gaining support, but western governments have urged restraint after news that opposition groups to President Assad were being targeted as well as so-called Islamic State.