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Stowaway kitten found on flight from Egypt to UK

Cairo the stowaway kitten Photo: SWNS

A kitten is recovering after surviving in the cargo hold of a plane during a 3,000 mile journey.

The stowaway kitten managed to sneak onto the seven hour flight from Egyptian capital Cairo to the UK.

The ginger kitten - now named Cairo - was spotted by staff at Birmingham Airport on August 27 as they unloaded the Emirates aircraft.

Airline bosses have now agreed to stump up over £1,000 to pay for another three-and-a-half months of quarantine for the kitten.

She will then be transferred to Lina's Cat Rescue sanctuary in Derby at the end of December who will find her a home with one of their volunteer foster carers.

The ginger kitten has been named Cairo Credit: SWNS

As well as being fostered, Cairo will have a full veterinary health check before being put up for adoption.

Sheryl Leonardi, founder of Lina's Cat Rescue, said "We have a strict 'No Kill' policy for healthy cats and when contacted by Solihull Council we were happy to take on the responsibility for all her costs. "

She was found as staff unloaded the Emirates Airline aircraft in Birmingham Credit: SWNS

We're delighted Cairo has had so much support and care since her unexpected arrival in the UK.

When she was spotted sat among the cargo, our colleagues fed her and immediately contacted the appropriate authorities.

– Laurie Berryman, Emirates