Conservative party conference: Cameron attacks 'Britain-hating' Corbyn

David Cameron's key pledges for the rest of his leadership were announced at the Conservative party conference today Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

David Cameron used his speech at this year's Conservative party conference to take a swipe at newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today - accusing his opponent of "Britain-hating ideology".

The Prime Minister, who was the closing speaker at the end of the four-day conference in Manchester, delivered a direct warning about the threat posed by his political rival and claimed Corbyn was a "terrorist-sympathiser".

Labour hit back at the PM by suggesting the fact he had used his speech to make "personal attacks" about Corbyn was a "sure sign that he is rattled by the re-energisation of the Labour Party".

The final day of the conference wasn't all about personal sniping though - it was also the platform for the PM to make his keynote speech to party members.

Here is what we learnt:

Key points from Cameron's speech

  • Vowed to tackle "deep social problems" including extremism, and boost social mobility

  • Announced "dramatic" planning reforms to increase home ownership as he aims to transform young Britons from "generation rent to generation buy"

  • Promised to put an end to "passive tolerance" and end discrimination

  • Claimed he had "no romantic attachment to the European Union"

  • Defended drone attack that killed two British Islamic State jihadists as an example of "decisive action to keep Britain safe"

Crowd pleasing comments

  • Cameron's praise for London mayor Boris Johnson earnt him a standing ovation

  • Joking that he was a 'hooker' while playing rugby at university drew a laugh from the crowd as the PM took a tongue in cheek approach to addressing allegations made in Lord Ashcroft's new book

ITV News Political Correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones reports: