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Lord Carey denies helping cover up the sex crimes of a former Bishop

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has denied being involved in covering up the sex crimes of a former Bishop.

Peter Ball was jailed for 32 months for a string of sex crimes against young aspiring priests.

The Church of England is also investigating claims that senior clerics helped cover-up the sex crimes after victims claimed that it prevented him from facing justice for decades.

Lord Carey when ITV News approached him Credit: ITV News

It emerged in court that cabinet ministers and a member of the royal family sent letters of support for Peter Ball, the former Bishop of Lewes, after he received a caution for indecent assault in 1993.

Lord Carey refuted the allegations Credit: ITV News

ITV News approached Lord Carey when he was on a guided tour in Jerusalem.

He refused to answer questions as to whether he was involved in a cover-up, but later gave the following statement to ITV News.

I support Bishop Paul Butler’s apology to survivors of Peter Ball’s abuse. I greatly regret the fact that during my tenure as Archbishop of Canterbury we dealt inadequately with Peter Ball’s victims and gave too much credence to his protestations.

Allegations by some that my actions amounted to a cover-up or collusion with the abuser, are wrong. I have always insisted upon the highest standards of holiness of life from all who are ordained. But it is undoubtedly the case that in the years since the allegations came to light, the Church of England has needed to put into place much better procedures, as have all public institutions in society, to ensure that victims receive justice speedily and properly. In the past we failed many victims and allowed abusers to flourish in ministry. I hope that as a result of all these changes we are now a safer church for the young and the vulnerable.

– Lord Carey