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Manhunt for film producer accused of disappearing with £45m

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A top film producer is at the centre of an international manhunt after he disappeared, allegedly taking £45m of investment with him.

German Felix Vossen, 41, is accused of a multi-million pound betrayal, stealing money from his family and friends in an alleged fraud.

He worked on the 21st Century remake of The Sweeney and the new blockbuster Miss You Already.

Felix Vossen is accused of disappearing with £45m of investment

He vanished from his London flat last March along with £45m of investment friends and family say they entrusted to him.

His victims have united to try and get their money back. They have made a video and a website to try and find him.

He's devastated a whole lot of vulnerable people's lives to the extent that they're almost destitute. There are people who have lost millions, including his own mother and father. The real bad thing about it is almost every one of them thought of him with affection.

– Investor Tom Trotter
He was last seen in March

Barbara Crawley, 74, said she thought of Felix "as a son", but she said he has taken £650,000 of her money.

Much of the money came from family and friends

Scotland Yard's fraud squad said it's working with authorities in Switzerland and Germany to trace Vossen but many of the investors involved are using what cash they have left to build a case against him.

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