Volkswagen's US boss has admitted he was told in spring last year of the emissions cheating affecting millions of the company's vehicles.

Michael Horn said he was told about a "possible emissions non-compliance" early 2014.

He was told of the problem after a study by West Virginia University was published.

The detail emerged in testimony he is due to give to a committee of the US House of Representatives investigating the scandal on Thursday.

I was informed that EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] regulations included various penalties for non-compliance with the emissions standards and that the agencies can conduct engineering tests which could include 'defeat device' testing or analysis.

Michael Horn

The company did not tell the US authorities until 3 September 2015 about the emissions "defeat device", Mr Horn said in the evidence.

I did not think that something like this was possible at the Volkswagen Group.

Michael Horn

He said the company took full responsibility for its actions and was co-operating with all relevant authorities.