Great Scott! Did Back To The Future Part II predict 2015 World Series victory for Chicago Cubs?

A classic sci-fi movie from the 1980s many have predicited the 2015 winner for baseball's World Series.

The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908 and despite a loyal fanbase, the boys of Wrigley Field are perennial underachievers in the sport known as 'America's Pastime'.

The 1989 film shows the Credit: Universal Pictures

The lack of silverware for the Cubs became a subtle joke in 1989 blockbuster Back To The Future Part II, where the prospect of them picking up baseball's biggest prize was treated with the same satirical sideswide as a potential Jaws 19.

The Jaws 19 trailer (above) was made as part of the trilogy's 25th anniversary commemorations.

In the film, Marty McFly (Micheal J Fox) travels forward in time 30 years where he sees a fictional USA Today headline that reads; 'Cubs Sweep Series in 5' against Miami on October 22, 2015.

But earlier this week, the Cubs defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in a National League Wildcard game in their first play-off win since 2003 - taking them one step closer to the future of Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

They now face rivals the St. Louis Cardinals (not Miami as envisioned in BTTFP2) in the best-of-five divisional series.

It's not the first prediction made in the film to begin to ring true, however. Last year a US company claimed to have made the first working prototype of a hoverboard.