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More severe weather forecast for southern and eastern Europe but calmer conditions here in the UK

The remnants of ex hurricane joaquin has brought heavy rain across Iberia and Spain, whilst another another low has produced heavy rain and strong winds across Italy and the Balkans which is now heading towards Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

Further heavy rain is expected along the Adriatic coast, Croatia and Bosnia could see a further 40-80mm and parts of Montenegro and Albania could receive up to 120mm which could generate flash flood and landslides.

Meanwhile there are very cold conditions over NE Europe and W Russia. Temps are 5-10C below average. As the low pressure moves north heavy snow may develop in S Poland, W Ukraine, E Slovakia and N Romania. Strong winds with this could lead to blizzards.

Thankfully here in the UK we are unlikely to see any snow this week, but the easterly breeze will certainly bring some chilly temperatures through the week

ITV national weather presenter Amanda Houston

Satellite, radar and pressure: Cold air feeding in on an easterly breeze Credit: Met Office