A notorious human trafficker who made around €1 million (£746,000) in one day smuggling refugees from Turkey to Greece has been arrested since being caught on camera by ITV News at Ten.

The man, described as the Greek coastguard's 'most wanted', is one of many traffickers profiteering from the desperation of those trying to escape war and poverty across the Middle East and Africa.

ITV News at Ten witnessed the man make several journeys across the treacherous crossing, each time bringing dozens of refugees and migrants to the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos.

Senior international correspondent John Irvine reports:

The man was hunted down after making one of several trips across the stretch of sea, by officers who had to move quickly before he entered the safety of Turkish waters.

He was then taken to another part of Lesbos to be charged - and, if convicted by the Greek courts, he faces a lengthy prison sentence for human trafficking.

The 11-month-old child died making the treacherous crossing Credit: ITV News

Things have developed quickly on the island, which has served as a popular gateway for people trying to enter Europe, since News at Ten revealed at least 1,500 had touched down on the coast yesterday alone.

An 11-month-old baby boy who died on the crossing as the dinghy carrying him was swamped by waves, was laid to rest by his family and a handful of strangers who attended to pay their respects.

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The child was born on the shores of Lesbos Credit: ITV News

And a pregnant woman, forced to climb aboard one of the inflatable boats by traffickers despite her waters having broken, gave birth on the shoreline surrounded by volunteers.

Both mother and child are said to be healthy and safe after their ordeal.