New class teaches people how to weave their own coffin from willow

Class teaches people how make their own coffin. Credit: SWNS

A new class has opened its doors to teach people how to make their own coffin.

The caskets, which can double as a bookcase until needed, are the culmination of the Make Your Own Willow Casket workshop. The class costs around £300.

And its students will be taught how to weave their own full-size casket.

Organisers say the coffins will be suitable for cremation and burial, but they could also be stored for years and used as bookshelves before the end.

The coffins are made from willow from a sustainable resource and are produced locally, where it was traditional to use them for coffins.

Martin and colleague Norah Kennedy have launched the workshop in Stroud, Gloucestershire in the run up to Halloween.