Former Everton boss Howard Kendall's career in photos

Howard Kendall and Colin Harvey parade the 1984/85 Division One trophy at Goodison Park earlier this year. Credit: PA

Kendall began his career with Preston North End, and he almost won his first trophy at the club, finishing as a runner-up in the 1964 FA Cup.

Howard Kendall's success with Everton began before he managed the club - he won the 1969/70 First Division with the side. Kendall played in midfield, and was part of the 'Holy Trinity' with Alan Ball and Colin Harvey.

Howard Kendall playing for Everton in 1970. Credit: PA

Kendall guided Everton to the 1984/85 and 1986/87 Division One titles, winning him the Manager of the Year award in 1987.

Kendall with his Manager of the Year trophy in 1987. Credit: PA

Kendall left Everton to manage Athletic Bilbao for just over two years, but had limited success in the North of Spain. He returned to England to manage Manchester City in 1989.

Kendall marks his arrival at Maine Road. Credit: PA

Kendall left Manchester City after just under a year to return to Everton, who he described as his 'marriage' compared to his 'affair' with City. He struggled to recreate the success of his first tenure, and moved on to spells at Notts County, Sheffield United and Xanthi, before returning to Everton. Everton managed to scrape survival in the Premier League in 1998 with a 1-1 draw against Coventry.

Kendall celebrates Everton's survival. Credit: PA