US pressure group calls for 'perverted' Muppets show to be banned

One Million Moms say they object to the "perverted nature" of the show. Credit: PA

A US pressure group has launched an online petition calling on the new series of the Muppets to be banned.

One Million Moms say the revamped show is "perverted" and unsuitable for family viewing.

The group say the updated version goes against the vision of Jim Henson, the original creator of the show, and say that families will unwittingly allow to children to watch the ABC programme.

In a promotional video, Kermit says "it's sort of an adult Muppet show". The show is presented as a satirical reality series.

The group urges readers and members to spread the word for "families to avoid this program at all costs."

TV network ABC has said it would take any formal complaint seriously.