Baby left covered in broken glass after cyclist smashes car window in road rage row

A baby was left covered in broken glass after a cyclist smashed a driver's window in a road rage attack.

Rhiannon Gautama accused the man of hitting the rear window of her car - above where her four-month-old baby was sleeping - with his bike lock.

"There was glass all over our child," Ms Gautama wrote on Facebook as she shared the shocking picture of her child in a car seat surrounded by shards of glass.

The baby miraculously slept through the whole ordeal and escaped unscathed.

Rhiannon Gautama was with her partner Barnaby Reardon at the time. Credit: Rhiannon Gautama/Facebook

Ms Gautama believes the cyclist may have been angry at not having enough room to manoeuvre past the car.

The incident happened at around 8.40am on Monday morning on Croydon Road in south London.

She described the attacker as:

  • White

  • Long blonde hair

  • Around 30-40 years old

  • Wearing a yellow jacket and cycle glasses

Her account of her ordeal has been shared more than 8,000 times and attracted angry comments from stunned readers.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed to ITV News that the incident had been reported and was being investigated.

ITV News has contacted Ms Gautama for comment.

Here's her Facebook post in full: