Gary Neville offers hot food and showers to hotel squatters

Squatters set up camp inside the former Stock Exchange building. Credit: The Manchester Angels Facebook

Gary Neville is paying for hot meals for squatters staying in his hotel, homeless activists say.

The group - who have dubbed themselves ‘The Sock Exchange’ - say Neville is also employing tradesmen to make the building more "habitable" for the squatters over the winter period.

Neville, who owns the £1.5 million site with former colleague Ryan Giggs, was praised earlier in the week after he allowed his univited guests to stay throughout winter.

On Facebook the group posted:

Rough sleepers will get hot food and showers courtesy of Gary Neville. Credit: The Sock Exchange

They also shared the news that Neville will be renovating parts of the building:

Friends off and on the pitch: Ryan Giggs (left) and Gary Neville (right). Credit: Reuters

The building has been undergoing extensive renovations since planning permission was approved in February this year - that is until it was occupied on Sunday by housing activists 'The Manchester Angels'.

Wesley Hall, the homeless activist leading the protest, responded to the news:

Disused spaces like this kitchen (left), and bathroom (right), will be revamped to make the space habitable for the winter. Credit: The Manchester Angels Facebook

The good news came just hours after a window was broken by intruders in an attempt to gatecrash the site.

The group say they can no longer have an open door policy on the building, and will now only take referrals from certain organisations within the North West.