James Bond Spectre review: Exciting action and laugh out loud funny

Daniel Craig as 007 in Spectre Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

At the end of the first Spectre press viewing tonight there were cheers and claps for a film that is Bond through and through, capitalising on the gadgets, and one liners - though these are thankfully not as cheesy as the past .

Bond films are by now characterised by the all action opening sequence and I have to say this one tops the lot - it is quite simply spectacular! Hats off to the team who sorted the logistics on that one!

The plot has the old and new in it - a familiar baddie played wonderfully by Christoph Waltz, and a cyber threat that is modern for today's audiences, and a government department boss bent on reform though of course here there's a twist.

The filmmakers promised that this time they would respect the Bond features that have not played such a prominent part in the most recent incarnations - and Spectre benefits immensely from making more use of the excellent Ben Wishaw as Q, and bringing Moneypenny into the centre of the plot.

The film is surprisingly funny, there are quite a few really laugh out loud moments, and Daniel Craig is great in the role again - he seemed to be enjoying himself though why he'd do another Bond film would be beyond me! I'd be surprised if he does.

Lea Seydoux is more than just a Bond girl of old, once more a vulnerable and intelligent character, who wins over Bond, but I did wish they had done more with Monica Belluci.

Much had been made of the fact that at last Bond has an age appropriate love interest - but she's not in it enough to make a meaningful impact sadly.

It felt a bit gimmicky.

If you are a fan of Bonds of old you will love the many nods to the past, Mendes as promised producing a Bond film that respects the tradition.

But .... Is it as good as Skyfall? No, in my opinion, that was always going to be a tall order, fans will love it but I would be surprised if it smashes the box office in the way Skyfall did.

After this film, what on earth can the 007 team do with James Bond? It would be a very brave director indeed who takes up where Sam Mendes has left off. The franchise has been spectacularly rebooted - perhaps it's time for Bond to settle down?