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Fishermen resuscitate 18-month-old Syrian boy found floating face down in the sea

18-month-old Mohammed was revived by fishermen who pulled him from the Aegean sea after the boat he was travelling on sank Credit: Recep Evran/RTV

An 18-month-old Syrian boy who was resuscitated by two fishermen after they spotted him floating face down in the sea off the Turkish coast appears to have made a full recovery following his dramatic sea rescue.

The toddler, who has been named as Mohammed Hasan, was rescued by Cenap Gumran and Recep Evran on Wednesday after they plucked him from the water when the boat carrying him and about a dozen others sank.

Warning: Video of the rescue may distress some viewers

In an emotional reunion between the boy, his family, and his two rescuers, Mohammed's mother praised the fishermen for giving her son "a second life".

Lorin Hanef told her son's rescuers: "You both gave him a second life. We are grateful to you. May God bless you."

Mohammed was floating face down in the sea when fishermen Cenap Gumran and Recep Evran, far left and right, saved him Credit: DHA/ RTV

Video footage of Mohammed's dramatic rescue shows the toddler floating face-down in choppy water before he is spotted by fishermen Gumran and Evran who haul him on board their boat.

Realising the youngster is still alive Evran can be heard shouting "He is alive, he is alive" before the two crew members turn him upside down to knock the water out of him and begin resuscitation.

Three other members of Mohammed's family were also rescued by the two fishermen after the migrant boat they were travelling on capsized near the Turkish holiday resort of Kusadasi.

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