10 actors who could be the next James Bond

Lea Seydoux, Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci Credit: PA

The new Bond film Spectre held its world premiere in London tonight with Daniel Craig celebrating his fourth outing as the legendary 007 - but will it be his last?

Craig, 47, has dropped strong hints that this could well be his last assignment for the British Secret Service, claiming that he would "rather slash his wrists" than do another Bond film.

He did later backtrack, telling the BBC that he was undecided about carrying on the role - but while there's doubt over Bond's future, we look at 10 actors who could step into his tuxedo...

Damian Lewis

The 44-year-old Homeland star has long been tipped to become the next James Bond, License to Kill. The London-born star has not been shy about his desire to be 007, claiming the hero’s Scottish roots have "paved the way for a redheaded Bond."

Damian Lewis Credit: Reuters

Idris Elba

The 43-year-old Luther star is a longtime frontrunner - he's been linked to the role since Daniel Craig took over in 2005. Craig has also championed Elba - who would be the first black actor to play Bond - to be his replacement, saying the London-born actor would be "great" in the role.

Credit: Reuters

Tom Hardy

A more recent contender, 38-year-old Hardy has admitted that he "wouldn’t say no" to playing the famous spy, but said he has not been in any serious talks over the role.

Credit: PA

Michael Fassbender

Mark Millar, one of the world's most esteemed comic book writers, has publicly championed the 38-year-old Prometheus actor for the role, saying that the German-Irish actor would "jazz it up".

Credit: PA

James McAvoy

The 36-year-old may mark a change of pace for the suave, lady-killing character, but as well as being an acclaimed and adaptable actor he has two distinct advantages - he was born in Scotland and his first name is James.

Rupert Friend

Currently starring in Homeland as the enigmatic and deadly Peter Quinn, an elite CIA black-ops agent, means it's not difficult to imagine the 34-year-old Oxfordshire-born star as 007.

Credit: Reuters

David Oyelowo

The 39-year-old Selma actor, also from Oxfordshire, is partial to a snazzy tux and is already providing the voice for James Bond in the new 007 novel Trigger Mortis.

Credit: Reuters

Tom Hiddleston

The 34-year-old star of The Avengers has been linked to the role and said that if he was cast it would be "huge".

Credit: PA

Jack O'Connell

At just 25, O'Connell may be a little young to take on the cars, the women, and the world's most dangerous villains but as his presence in a tuxedo proves, he's one to watch.

Credit: PA

Henry Cavill

The 32-year-old Jersey-born actor has already taken on the role of Superman, so Bond could well be the next step.

Credit: Reuters