Working mum on Tax Credit cuts: 'It's the first and last thing you think about every day'

Working mum Alison Carter looks after her children during half-term. Credit: ITV News

By ITV News political correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones

A working mum who would be hit by Tax Credit cuts has spoken to ITV News about how her family would be affected - ahead of the House of Lords vote on motions that could delay or scrap the changes.

Alison Carter works part-time in catering at a local school.

It's half-term so she won't earn anything this week.

In any case, she has to be at home to look after her two boys Shane and Kyle (as well as a grand-daughter today).

She normally works 25 hours a week.

Her partner works long hours as a delivery driver.

Their income is topped up by child tax credits.

They think they will be over a £1,000 worse off if the cuts go through.

I asked what message she had for George Osborne:

"I think he just needs a reality check, he needs to step into people's shoes and see what everyday life is like," she said.

Alison Carter works part-time in catering at a local school. Credit: ITV News

Alison and her partner will pay a little less tax when all the government measures are introduced.

But they won't benefit from any more free childcare and overall they estimate they'll be £1,217 worse off every year.

Alison feels there has to other ways to cut the welfare bill.

How does she sum up the changes: "It hurts" she said.