House of Lords tax credit vote explained

The Chancellor has urged members of the House of Lords to express their concern over his tax credit cuts in a 'regret motion' this afternoon.

It's the least damaging of the motions being presented to peers who are debating the welfare reforms today.

George Osborne met the Tory leader of the Lords, Baroness Stowell, this morning.

Tina Stowell announced that the Chancellor had asked her to tell to their Lordships that he "would listen very carefully were the House to express its concern in the way that it is precedented for us to do".

In other words: If you back down and decide not to challenge these tax credits cuts, I will take on board your opinions.

Chancellor George Osborne has urged peers to express their concerns over his tax credit cuts in a 'regret motion'. Credit: PA

Peers have to decide which motion to support this afternoon:

  • A Liberal Democrat motion to kill off the tax credit cuts altogether

  • A crossbench motion to delay their implentation until an assessment has been made on their effects

  • A Labour motion to delay and gradually introduce the changes

  • A motion of regret, tabled by the bishop of Portsmouth, which will not be binding on the government

The debate has started. The votes will start at around 6pm this evening.