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Wolverhampton named 'least prosperous place in UK'

Two West Midland areas have been named the least prosperous parts of the UK in a new report examining income and happiness.

Wolverhampton came bottom of the list Credit: PA

Wolverhampton and Sandwell, which contains West Bromwich, were placed last and second-last in the index compiled by thinktank the Legatum Institute.

It ranked 170 areas across the UK.

London dominated the top five, with the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham coming top. The Outer Hebrides was the only area outside the capital to be included.

The five 'least prosperous' places in the UK:

  • Wolverhampton
  • Sandwell
  • Blackpool
  • Liverpool
  • East Derbyshire
Sandwell - home to West Brom - came second

The thinktank -which is based in London - describes itself as focusing on international public policy, with the aim of promoting prosperity.

Executive director Sian Hansen said they had examined local gross domestic product (GDP) figures as well as data from the Office for National Statistics on how happy people feel.

The geography of prosperity index reveals that prosperity is about more than just wealth - it is about feeling that one's life is worthwhile.

The data shows that Wolverhampton is the least prosperous part of the UK because its citizens report the lowest levels of satisfaction with their lives in the whole country.

The index shows that while robust economic success can make an area prosperous, this in itself is not enough.

Some of the most prosperous areas of the country are those where, regardless of their income, people have the opportunity to lead healthy, fulfilling and prosperous lives.

– Sian Hansen, Legatum Institute