Student reveals fears for his economic future

Tom Harwood Credit: ITV News

People under the age of 34 have the worst economic prospects for several generations, according to new research.

They face being hit by falls in income and employment, less access to good housing and jobs and deepening poverty, the Equality and Human Rights Commission found.

Tom Harwood is a 19-year-old student at Durham University and chair for Students of Britain. He is also an active YouTuber, with a keen interest in politics.

He told ITV News, the results of the research "would not come as a surprise to young people."

"We know that the cost of living is really high and most of that is due to housing."

"But what's really annoying is that practical solutions aren't being embraced by the Government", he added.

TUC union general secretary Frances O'Grady has urged the government to take action to address the problem, including applying the new higher minimum wage rate to young people.

But Tom disagrees and says the solution proposed by the TUC is "a really bad idea", especially "for someone like me who works a minimum wage part-time job".

"The place where I work isn't going to be able to afford to pay me that higher wage, which means the part-time employees are going to be the first ones out of the door", he said.

"I really hope the Government doesn't go ahead with it", he added.