Rescued baby orangutan making 'remarkable recovery'

Gito is making a remarkable recovery after being found in a box in Borneo. Credit: PA

A baby orangutan found dying in a cardboard box in Borneo and rescued by a British animal charity is making "a remarkable recovery".

International Animal Rescue (IAR) found the ape, now known as Gito, lying in a urine-soaked box suffering from sarcoptic mange and severe hair loss. His skin was grey and beginning to flake.

Now they have released a video showing his improvement.

A spokesman for the rescue team said: "He was lying corpse-like with his arms folded across his chest and was so still and lifeless that they feared he was already dead."

Gito was taken to the IAR rehabilitation centre in Ketapang, west Borneo, where he was put on a drip and treated for dehydration and malnutrition.

Gito was found lying in a urine-soaked box with severe hair loss and grey and flaking skin. Credit: PA

In the original video of Gito released a week ago, the tiny baby is shown to be completely helpless and unable even to sit up on his own. He cries weakly as coconut oil is massaged into his flaking skin.

Spokesman for IAR charity
Credit: PA Wire

IAR chief executive Alan Knight said:

What better present could there be for everyone who has donated to our appeal for Gito than to see him looking so much better so soon?

Alan Knight, Chief Executive of IAR

The IAR launched an appeal this week asking for funds to support its work rescuing orangutans from forest fires burning across the Ketapang Regency which are destroying the apes' habitat and forcing them into surrounding towns and villages.

Mr Knight said: "Tragically Gito won't be the last baby we rescue. Right this minute our rescue team are risking their lives to save orangutans caught up in the fires and there will certainly be more babies orphaned and captured in the days and weeks ahead. I would just urge the public to continue supporting our work so that we can save as many orangutans' lives as possible."