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Trick-or-treating children mistakenly given bipolar medicine

Young trick-or-treaters were mistakenly given bipolar medicine instead of sweets Credit: REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

A group of trick-or-treating children got an unexpected surprise in their goody bags this Halloween when they were mistakenly given bipolar pills instead of sweets.

The youngsters who had been doing a "trick-or-treat" tour of Quebec City, Canada, were handed the silver-wrapped capsules as they wandered into a local pharmacy asking for sweets.

According to reports on Canadian TV channel CBC the medication had been mixed up inside the shops sweet basket after a customer accidentally dropped her son's bipolar pills on the floor and another shopper picked them up and put them on the counter.

Constable Melissa Cliche, of the Quebec City police, told CBC: "Unfortunately, we don't know how, an employee just mixed it with the candy by accident and distributed it to the kids."

A total of seven pills, wrapped in individual blister packaging, were given to the trick-or-treating children but it was not clear if the youngsters had consumed them before the mistake was spotted.

Police confirmed the pills could produce minor side effects such as trembling, nausea and drowsiness if taken wrongly but said they were not dangerous.