Girl finds dead frog in McDonald's chicken wrap

A 10-year-old girl says she was nearly sick after tucking into a McDonald's chicken wrap - and biting into a dead frog.

Cordellia Buckley stopped at a drive-thru at the Gateway Services on the A55 near Flintshire, North Wales with her dad Dave.

But as she munched through her £1.99 Big Flavour sweet chilli chicken wrap she bit something tough and chewy.

When she pulled it out of her mouth she realised it wasn't chicken - but a four inch-long frog.

Dad Dave, of Merseyside, says Cordellia never wants to go to a McDonald's again and has been put off fast food for life.

The family have kept the frog to show McDonald's bosses. Credit: SWNS

He said: "It's not like finding a slug in your lettuce. Someone is making these wraps up.

"I don't think it was a mistake, but if it was then it's crazy that someone didn't notice it.

"Cordie was just disgusted that she had a frog in her mouth and she still isn't eating properly."

McDonald's say the customer did not raise it with anyone at the restaurant at the time and have asked Mr Buckley to return the item so they can investigate further.

Dave's partner Allison Willock said they are keeping the frog in their fridge to preserve it. "Cordie actually bit into it. It was absolutely minging," she said.

A McDonald's spokesman added: "Food hygiene and safety is of the utmost importance and we take matters like this very seriously.

"Our wraps are freshly prepared when ordered. It is extremely unlikely this originated from our restaurant and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise at this stage."