'Fireball meteor' captured lighting up Bangkok skyline

A green fireball thought to be a meteor lights up the sky above the Thai capital Bangkok Credit: Somsakdi Seubsai

This was the moment a green fireball - thought to be a meteor breaking up - was captured shooting across the sky above Bangkok in Thailand on Monday.

The Thai Astronomical Society said the shooting star could be identified as a "fireball" due to its brightness.

The fireball was part of the annual Taurid meteor shower which is taking place this week.

Somsakdi Seubsai, who captured the video from the dashcam of his car, said: "Suddenly, the sky brightened and then I saw a green linear light shooting down."

The American Meteor Society suggests a meteor could appear green when burning up in the Earth's atmosphere if it contains a high amount of nickel or magnesium.

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