The top 12 toys for Christmas 2015

The top 12 toys for Christmas 2015 have been revealed, with Star Wars, Thunderbirds and Frozen all making the list.

The Toy Retailers Association (TRA) said 2015 would be a "vintage year" for toys as it released its annual 'Dream Toys' list of what it predicts the top-sellers to be.

Star Wars products related to the new film The Force Awakens, which opens next month, take the top three spots.

  • Top 12 toys:

Bladebuilder Jedi Master Lightsaber

£80 - The classic weapon with lights and sounds gives children the chance to be their favourite Star Wars' characters.

Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

£180 - Another Star Wars product makes this list in the form of a Lego Command Shuttle where children can hunt down the enemy and play out battles from the films.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Millennium Falcon

£120 - Star Wars' spacecraft playset flies onto the 2015 list with a turbolaser and Star Wars figures.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island Playset

£80 - Thunderbirds' toys are also making a comeback with the secret base of the International Rescue organisation from the 1960s television series predicted to be a top-seller.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Disney Frozen Sing-a-long Elsa

£39 - The Disney film Frozen makes it into the list again with a sing-along doll where children can join in with Elsa's 'Let It Go'.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

£80 - Lego toys are also expected to be popular, especially Lego's City model that comes with a remote sub, scuba scooter and even a shark.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Little Live Pets

£60 - An interactive, singing, talking pet bird that children can name and teach to speak is expected to make its way into many stockings this Christmas.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Paw Patrol

£60 - It has been described as the 'ultimate rescue vehicle' and young fans of the animated television series PAW Patrol will likely be asking for one of these to open on Christmas day.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Shopkins Ice Cream Truck

£20 - Another addition to the Shopkins' collection that comes complete with a treat board, umbrella and two exclusive characters.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Toot-Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home

£45 - Expect sing-along-songs, a moving lift and a dog with this interactive product for younger children.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

IDO3D Deluxe 3D Design Studio

£40 - A creative kit for children to draw 3D designs where they can use a UV light and draw in the air.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association

Pie Face

£20 - A game where someone inevitably ends up with either whipped cream or a wet sponge in their face has also made the top 12 'must-have' toys for 2015.

Credit: Toy Retailers Association