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Apprentice contestants' kids book 'Snottydink' proves online hit - going for 10x the asking price on eBay

A children's book written by The Apprentice contestants has won over eager viewers - despite failing to impress buyers on the show.

One copy of the book Snottydink, produced by Team Connexus, has already racked up bids of up to £41 on online auction site eBay - around 10 times the original asking price.

Credit: eBay

And a listing offering a copy of Snottydink along with Bizzie's First Adventure - the children's book created by Connexus' rivals on Team Versatile - has reached £67.

As part of this week's task, the teams were asked to produce a children's book and audiotape to pitch to bookshops.

Snottydink - a tale about a fictional dragon/elephant crossbreed who sneezes - lost the task, but proved popular among viewers on Twitter, who soon began calling for copies to go on sale.

Bizzie's First Adventure failed to generate quite the same buzz online, but sold for more money and won the task for Versatile.

Credit: eBay