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Missing NYC Marathon runner found alive two days later

An Italian man who went missing after finishing the New York Marathon has been found alive - and still in his running gear.

Gianclaudio P. Marengo spent two days lost in New York Credit: NYPD

Gianclaudio P. Marengo spent two nights sleeping rough, surviving on pizza, before he was eventually found.

He was finally spotted on the subway - still wearing his running gear - by off-duty NYPD officer Man Yam.

Marengo was separated from his group after crossing the finish line in Central Park and, unable to speak any English, he was stranded.

He travelled to John F. Kennedy International Airport to wait for his fellow runners, but was removed after security assumed he was homeless.

Marengo spent two nights sleeping rough after losing his group Credit: ABACAUSA.COM / ABACA USA/PA Images

Officer Yam told the New York Times he recognised the missing runner immediately.

I got a seat and, literally, he is sitting across from me, It hit me right away based on his mannerism and what he looked like.

I was just doing what any person, man or woman, whether in my department or not, would do.

He realized that he’d been found — he was in good hands.

– Man Yam

Morengo was hospitalised for minor dehydration after his his short stint out on the streets, but has now recovered and is due to fly back to Milan after being reunited with his group of friends.