Flights begin to leave Sharm: What you need to know

Passengers have been waiting at Sharm el-Sheikh airport all day in the hope of getting a flight home Credit: Benno Schwinghammer/DPA

Flights began to leave Sharm el-Sheikh airport for the UK on Friday, after previously being grounded by the British government amid fears a bomb may have been behind last week's Russian passenger jet crash.

Airlines and holiday companies got the go ahead to begin operations to bring British tourists home but the wait may not be over for all stranded passengers as airlines work to clear the backlogs from delays.

ITV News looks at some of the key questions for holidaymakers.

  • How many flights will depart for the UK?

Initially 20 flights were expected to take off from Sharm el-Sheikh, heading for the UK, on Friday.

Egyptian officials have now confirmed only eight flights due to bring stranded Britons home on the first day that services resumed would takeoff as planned.

  • What the airlines say you should do if you are due to fly?

Advice from airlines vary but generally passengers are being told to arrive in good time at the airport as it is "extremely busy" and to make sure they are aware of new security restrictions.

Updates from individual flight operators can be found by contacting them or their representatives directly or online.

  • Where can passengers get more advice from specific airlines?

On their airline's website:

British Airways




Tourists have been stuck in Sharm as a result of the decision to ground flights back to the UK Credit: PA
  • What additional security measures are in place at the airport?

Passengers are only being allowed to carry hand baggage.

Hold luggage - including wheelchairs and pushchairs - will be flown back to the UK separately to British tourists.

Passengers on one of the first flights out told ITV News there was nothing on the plane but they were allowed to take water and food that had been bought at the airport on board with them.

  • What to do if you are on holiday and want to come home early?

Most airlines are telling passengers that if they want to cut holidays short and come home early they should get contact them and they will try to facilitate changes if possible.

However, many operators have warned there is "limited capacity" on flights and it appears priority will be given to passengers whose flights have been previously delayed.