New mum stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh is 'heartbroken' at separation from baby girl

A new mum has spoken of her "heartbreak" at being separated from her eight-month-old daughter while she remains stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh after flights from the Egyptian resort to the UK were suspended earlier this week.

Jorden Briggs left her daughter with her parents after they booked her and partner Gareth Millward a last minute flight to the Red Sea resort as a 23rd birthday surprise, but the couple found themselves unable to fly home amid flight security fears.

She told ITV News: "We miss her terribly so that's probably the most heartbreaking part of it.

"We've obviously got animals and other people we are missing, like close family, but it's our daughter mostly.

"She's only tiny - she's going through the biggest part of her life like crawling and walking and trying to talk and things like that so we're missing milestones really."

The couple went away for a short break but got stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh while their baby was at home with grandparents Credit: Facebook

Jorden, who is meant to be flying with Thomson and hopes to get a flight to Glasgow tonight before driving home to Middlesborough, said she and other passengers "don't really get told a lot" about what is happening but is hopeful she will be able to fly today.

She said: "Every step we've been told a little I could feel my heart breaking.

"It actually hurts not being with her. It's an awful feeling, I wouldn't wish it on anybody."