Stranded Briton 'happier than words can describe', after being reunited with baby

Baby Alice's mum Jorden has spoken of how happy she was to be reunited with her daughter Credit: ITV News

A new mum who spoke of her "heartbreak" at being separated from her eight-month-old daughter while she was stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh, has said "words can't describe how happy" she is to be reunited with her baby.

Jorden Briggs reunited with baby Alice after travelling on a flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to Glasgow, and then making her way back to Middlesborough, last night.

She told ITV News: "Words can't describe how happy I was to see her little smile and cuddles."

Jorden, who was one of thousands of Brits unable to return on their scheduled flights from the Red Sea resort after flights from the city's airport to the UK were suspended amid flight security fears earlier this week said she had missed every minute apart from her baby.

She said: "I missed just having her there.

"I missed putting her to bed, I missed giving her a bath, I missed the routine that we have, I was looking forward to going to our playgroups and just having Alice back by my side every minute I could really."