Apple chiefs question facts behind Steve Jobs biopic

Steve Jobs is considered one of the most important entrepreneurs of the last century, but a biopic of the Apple co-founder is proving controversial.

Michael Fassbender has been praised for his depiction of the late businessman, known as a genius but one who could sometimes be irrational and occasionally mean.

"I think he had a lot of respect for people that were of top quality and I think he had a lack of patience for people that weren't delivering," Fassbender told ITV News.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Design Officer Sir Jonathan Ive have claimed they do not recognise the Jobs portrayed in the film and that it has left many people close to him hurt.

Some people have questioned the wisdom of making the film so soon after his death in 2011, but those behind the film said it was right to produce it now because Jobs was such a compelling character.

Steve Jobs will be released in UK cinemas on November 13.