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Downton fans demand happy-ever-after for Lady Edith as series ends

WARNING: Contains spoilers if you have not watched the final episode.

Lady Mary gets married to Henry Talbot in the final episode. Credit: ITV

Downton Abbey bowed out last night drawing its highest audience for two years.

And the final episode did not disappoint. There was a wedding, an attempted suicide and Lady Mary and Lady Edith finally came to blows.

At its peak, the ITV show drew in 9.5 million viewers making it the best rated episode of the final series.

But not everyone was happy with the way things turned out.

Bertie left Lady Edith after discovering Marigold was her biological child. Credit: ITV

While Lady Mary wed racing driver Henry Talbot, it was not to be for her sister Lady Edith.

Edith's chances of happiness with love interest Bertie Hexham were cruelly dashed when Mary revealed the truth Marigold was Edith's lovechild.

And Downton fans quickly took to Twitter to ensure Edith gets her happy-ever-after in the Christmas special using the hashtag #TeamEdith.

One Twitter user even said Downton writer Julian Fellowes "better sleep with one eye open" if order is not restored.

And despite probably being the most loathed Downton character, there were sad scenes when footman Thomas Barrow tried to take his own life.

But luckily for him, lady's maid Phyllis Baxter sensed something was wrong and got there in time to save him.

Footman Barrow tries to take his own life but is saved by Baxter. Credit: ITV

The last ever episode of Downton Abbey airs on ITV on Christmas Day.

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