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New arrivals in the last week of the refugee crisis

Manchester volunteer Khalid Mehmoodr helps a girl to get off a boat on the island of Lesbos Credit: PA

The refugee crisis is showing no signs of slowing, as ITV News takes a look back at the numbers during the last week.

Correspondent Martin Geissler has been on the Greek island of Lesbos to speak to refugees about their perilous journey and their motivations for taking the risk.

died trying to cross the Mediterranean in one week.

These are just some poignant stories from thousands of migrants and refugees making the crossing.

In the week between the 29 October and 5 November 2015, at the main entry points, there have been 191,242 new arrivals of migrants and refugees, according to the International Organisation of Migration's figures.

A wooden boat that was used to carry refugees to Lesbos on October 30. Credit: PA

In the same week, 53 refugees died trying to cross the Mediterranean.

There are also 74 still missing.

In October, there were 398 deaths at sea.

A refugee cradles a toddler at a refugee camp in Serbia. Credit: PA

New arrivals in the week between the 29 October and 5 November 2015:

  • Croatia: 51,725 adding to a total of 317,990 since September 2015.
  • Serbia: 42,907, adding to a total of 363 arrivals since January 2015.
  • Greece: 39,054, overall 656,108 arrivals since January 2015.
  • Slovenia: 32,240, a decrease of 50% in comparison to the previous week, overall 139,322 arrivals since October 2015.
  • Macedonia: 24,386, adding to a total of 214,343 since June 2015.
  • Italy: 865 new arrivals, adding to a total of 141,501 since January 2015.
  • Hungary: 65, overall 390,929 arrivals since January 2015.
Refugees waiting at the Slovenian border crossing to enter Austria on October 30. Credit: PA

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