Adorable toddler caught singing Darth Vader's Imperial March to herself in her crib

The toddler took a shine to Darth Vader Credit: Jonathan Liu/Reuters

As the countdown to the new Star Wars film marches on, fans of the original trilogy are hoping to inspire a new generation.

And it certainly worked for one man, who caught his two and a half-year-old daughter singing the Imperial March to herself in her crib.

Jonathan Liu, from Portland, Oregon in the US, decided to re-watch the previous Star Wars films with his children in preparation for the release of The Force Awakens on December 18.

In a post on GeekDad, he said his youngest particularly enjoyed it, hunting for Yoda, R2D2 and 'Creepio'-like toys whenever they went to the shops.But, he said, it was Darth Vader who really struck her fancy.

He said he heard her singing through her baby monitor after she woke up from her nap.

"Yes, the Force is strong with this one," he added.

"But she seems to be leaning toward the Dark Side."