Dog sets new world record for skateboarding through human legs

A bulldog has set a new world record for the longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog.

Crowds gathered to watch three-year-old pooch Otto skate through the legs of 30 people in Lima, Peru.

Footage of the record attempt showed the dog moving off and getting on the skateboard before picking up speed and skillfully shifting his weight to manoeuvre through everyone's legs.

Otto completed the stunt, in which he passed through the tunnel without being led or touched, as part of Guinness World Records Day 2015.

Following wild celebrations when Otto completed the run, he was presented with an official certificate.

Otto's owner, Luciana Viale, said the record attempt started as a game.

She said: "I love taking pictures of Otto and his fans together and one time he was skating and coming very fast towards me and in order to avoid being hit by him, I opened my legs, and he went through, and that's how the human tunnel started."

Otto claimed the record shortly after the death of the previous holder, Tillman, also an English Bulldog.