'A truly historic moment' David Cameron tells Wembley as tens of thousands pack stadium for Indian PM Modi rally

Around 60,000 people packed into Wembley Stadium for a rally led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr Modi was accompanied on stage by Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the rally a "truly historic moment."

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar

The leaders, who were welcomed into the stadium to rapturous applause from the crowds, stood side by side on the stage as the national anthems of the UK and India were sung by schoolchildren.

Indian PM Narendra Modi and David Cameron were greeted to cheers and applause at Wembley. Credit: Europe India Forum

Mr Cameron began his speech with "Namaste Wembley."

Mr Cameron continued: "Prime Minister Modi, you can see what I see everyday - British Indians putting the great into Great Britain.

Later in his speech added: "It won't be long before there's a British Indian prime minister in Downing Street.

Concluding his address, Mr Cameron said: "Team India, Team UK together we are a winning combination.

"They said a chaiwallah would never govern the world's largest democracy but he proved them wrong."

The crowd cheered throughout the speeches by both Prime Ministers. Credit: Europe India Forum

Mr Modi received a standing ovation as he prepared to address the crowd, who chanted "Modi, Modi."

He declared "good evening Wembley!" and described the stadium as a "special venue" as he began addressing the crowd.

"It's been 12 years since I had been here. In that time a lot of water has gone down the Thames.

"As I stand here my countrymen have handed me a new responsibility. In order to fulfil this new responsibility I'm investing all my efforts.

"I would like to ensure you that the dreams you have dreamt - and the dreams every Indian has dreamt - India is capable of fulfilling these dreams.

"There is no reason for India to remain a poor country."

Mr Cameron hugs Mr Modi on stage. Credit: Europe India Forum