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Lady Rose returns to Downton in last ever Christmas episode

Lady Rose, played by Lily James, is back with her husband Atticus. Credit: ITV

Lady Rose will return to Downton Abbey this Christmas for the last ever episode.

Actress Lily James will reprise her role in the popular ITV period drama along with Matt Barber, who plays her husband Atticus.

There are also some new faces joining the cast with Patricia Hodge, who is best known for Miranda, playing the mother of Lady Edith's love interest Bertie Pelham.

Patricia Hodge (left) is best known for her role in Miranda. Credit: PA

The series finale promises Downton fans love, loss and happiness - but for who has been kept under wraps.

Will it be happy-ever-after for Lady Edith? Credit: ITV

The only details which have been revealed are that Lady Mary tries to build bridges with her sister Edith after blabbing her secret about Marigold to Bertie.

Meanwhile, Lady Mary's new husband Henry Talbot is finding his place at Downton difficult.

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