Paris attacks: Eyewitnesses speak of chaos and terror

French fire brigade members aid an injured individual near the Bataclan concert hall. Credit: Reuters

Eyewitnesses at the Bataclan music venue in central Paris have spoken of the chaos and terror as gunmen with automatic weapons opened fire during an Eagles of Death Metal concert:

Speaking to Le Figaro newspaper in France, one said:

The Times reported that a Briton living next to the theatre, Andrew Smith, tweeted what he saw in the immediate aftermath.

Firefighters pull hostages from the Bataclan music venue after the attack. Credit: Reuters

Jerome Bartelemy, who survived the attack, was at the bar with his friends when the gunman opened fire.

He told the Guardian that he thought the gunmen were "no older than 25".

A man is led away by police officers in the wake of the assault on Bataclan. Credit: Reuters

Julian Pearce, a journalist for Europe 1, was in the Bataclan when he heard screams from crowd, according to CNN.

He said the gunmen were able to re-load their weapons two or three times over 10 to 15 minutes.

A man who survived an explosion near the Stade de France amid the Paris terror attacks said his mobile phone saved his life by blocking flying shrapnel.

Sylvestre said he was was walking near the Stade de France and had just hung up the phone when he heard an explosion.

Marc Coupris, 57, was freed from being held hostage and was shaking when he spoke to the Guardian:

Le Monde journalist Daniel Psenny wrote about what he saw.He has an apartment that overlooks the emergency exit of the Bataclan and said he saw people clambering out of windows to escape in scenes that reminded him of 9/11, the Guardian reports.

Psenny took a bullet in the arm as he tried to help people shelter in his apartment. He is being treated at the Georges-Pompidou hospital.