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Special Lego-proof slippers unveiled for Christmas

As almost everyone who has ever been around small children can testify, nothing brings tears to the eyes faster than the sudden, sharp shooting pain inflicted by stepping on a Lego brick.

But the company has now designed its very own Lego-proof slippers in a bid to solve the problem.

The special slippers protect feet from the bricks Credit: Lego/Brand Station/Piwee

Dreamed up by the firm itself alongside French advertising agency Brand Station, the slippers feature extra padding to protect delicate feet from the hard plastic edges - though it's not entirely clear how they are much better than any other slipper on the market.

In a statement on the Piwee website, Brand Station said it had only made 1,500 pairs of the slippers, and would be giving them away for free at random to people who created a wish list through their website.

If you have or have had Lego at home, you probably know that walking on a small brick lying on the ground is perhaps even worse than stubbing your little toe on the corner of a piece of furniture.

So to avoid this inconvenience, Lego, along with its agency Brand Station, invented slippers so you can walk safely in the house. Genius!

Besides being super comfortable, they take the shape and colours of the iconic brand.

– Brand Station

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The firm also shared a video showing the making of the limited edition slipper.

Meanwhile, with the giveaway already underway, some parents who have received theirs already have begun posting images of themselves wearing the items to social media.

"Thank you for thinking of parents' feet," one recipient wrote.

Another added: "Thankyou for helping Father Christmas spoil both parents and children."