Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger shocked by Paris terror attacks

Arsene Wenger was in a hotel in Paris during the attacks. Credit: PA

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed in Paris during the terror attacks on Friday, saying he was shocked by the events.

Frenchman Wenger was supposed to be at the Stade de France, where suicide bombers set off explosives, for the international friendly against Germany but was unable to attend.

“I was not far from the events... To discover how much your own citizens hate you is a big shock.

"I was late for my appointment, so I was late to the stadium and I decided to watch the game in the hotel where I was. I was more under shock than fearful," Wenger said.

"You could be scared because it was four different places attacked. You don't feel secure anywhere.

"Everybody who was in Paris on Friday night was in shock. France is like England - a tolerant and generous country.

"You have a bit more of a question of security, because it looks like it's not the end of it."

Wenger added: "A way for us is just to get on with life and to respond in a positive way to the situation.

"We cannot stop everything, try to continue with our lives. It is more a way of life that is being targeted than any individual community

Wenger has praised English football for their show of unity at Wembley on Tuesday night.

English and French fans joined together to sing La Marseillaise before kick-off and wreaths were laid by Prince William and Roy Hodgson.

"It showed the class of England. The arch of Wembley in French colours was very significant.

"I would like to thank the English community who showed great solidarity. It was a huge shock for our country.”

Laurent Koscielny featured for France at Wembley. Credit: PA

Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny featured in the 2-0 defeat at Wembley, with Wenger noticing he was not at his best.

Wenger said: "On Tuesday you could see he [Koscielny] was not himself and it affected him deeply."

Wenger believes the best response to terrorists is to carry on as normal in the wake of the attacks.

"We have to get on with life and respond in a positive way. We have to get people to focus on something else.

"You have to trust politicians to make the right decisions. France is a tolerant society"