'Hello it's me': Adele pranks impersonators at audition

Adele impersonators are left stunned when they realise the singer is performing Credit: YouTube/BBC

A group of Adele impersonators were left in disbelief when the singer went undercover to surprise them at an audition.

The real Adele put on a prosthetic nose and chin to play the role of part-time nanny "Jenny". She also wore gloves to cover a tell-tale tattoo of her son's name "Angelo" on her hand.

The comedy sketch was for an hour-long special "Adele At The BBC" and nine impersonators were invited to the Wimbledon Theatre to audition for what they thought was a top-secret new Graham Norton show.

"Jenny" then joined them as they waited backstage for their audition and chatting telling them business had been "a bit slow recently" due to "not much demand".

Adele points to her a prosthetic nose as she describes the process to disguise her. Credit: YouTube/BBC
Adele chats with her impersonators backstage at 'the audition'. Credit: YouTube/BBC

She also joined in as the "Adeles" rated their rivals' performances, commenting adding "she's got her hands" when one impersonator sang.

When one of the women said she could not wait for Adele's new album, the singer said "she's taken her time". Prompting another unwitting impersonator to say "try telling her that to her face".

An impersonator sings an Adele song Credit: YouTube

When it was finally her turn, "Jenny" pretends to be nervous and was comforted by the other singers when she says she feels sick and dizzy.

But when "Jenny" started singing, the penny soon dropped a few bars into the song as the impersonators started to realise they were watching the real Adele.

'Jenny' misses her cue to start 'Make You Feel My Love' Credit: YouTube/BBC

Katie Markham said: "As soon as the first words were sung I knew it was her. I perform as Adele for a living so I know exactly how she sings every note.

"The whole experience was mind blowing. It is almost overwhelming to think that we met our idol", she added.

There was a mixture of tears, shock and joy as the impersonators twigged that it was the real Adele singing. Credit: YouTube/BBC

Stacey Lee Richards, a vocalist and Adele tribute act, said: "'I thought she was strange and strange looking, but I didn't want to judge her. I just thought she was a weirdo. I didn't realise it was her until the second verse as I didn't think anything like that would ever happen to me and I didn't believe it for two days afterwards."