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Cameron: Cinema ban on Lord's Prayer ad is 'ridiculous'

David Cameron has branded the ban 'ridiculous' Photo: PA

A decision to ban a cinema advert featuring the Lord's Prayer has been branded "ridiculous" by Prime Minister David Cameron.

The 'Just Pray' advert showed people from all walks of life, ranging from body builders to children, reciting the prayer, and was expected to be played before showings of upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

At one minute long, the ad was cleared by both the British Board of Film Classification and the Cinema Advertising Authority.

However Digital Cinema Media (DCM) - which handles advertising for major cinema chains Odeon, Cineworld and Vue - refused to show it, arguing it could cause offence to people with different political or religious beliefs.

Asked for a response to the ban, Downing Street spokesman told a media briefing that Mr Cameron "thinks it is ridiculous".

However, he declined to explain the Prime Minister's rationale, nor comment on whether he thought the decision should be reversed.

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