Aldi have released its official Christmas advert - a parody of the John Lewis 'Man On The Moon'.

The tongue-in-cheek clip starts with an old man gazing out at the earth.

The camera then pans out and he is sat on a bench beside two telescopes.

The elderly man likes both telescopes. Credit: YouTube

The elderly man then uses the supermarket's now infamous catchphrase: "I like this one...and I like this one."

He then looks through the telescope and says: "But I really like this one."

The elderly man likes both telescopes. Credit: YouTube

And who should it be but Aldi's favourite gin-loving granny Jean, who has starred in a number of previous adverts for the budget chain.

Jean swoops in on an armchair held up by balloons - a bit like Carl in the Disney film Up.

In 2013, Jean starred in Aldi's Christmas advert called 'Jean's Speech' - a parody of the Queen's speech.

But her most famous line was when she starred in their tea advert in 2011 when she says: "My husband likes this tea...and he likes this tea - I don't like tea...I like gin."