High-flying businessman takes 90% pay cut to spend more time with terminally ill daughter and to show her the world

John sold his Porsche and now works on a school bus so he can spend time with Vicky. Credit: Brightbee Communications

A successful businessman has quit his job and traded in his Porsche so he can spend more time with his terminally ill daughter.

John Silk, from Croydon, South London, gave up his lucrative recruitment business and took a part-time job on a school bus so he could see his daughter Vicky every day.

Vicky, 21, was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome as a baby and she has a hole in her heart.

Doctors told her father when she was eight months old that she would not live beyond 15 - prompting Mr Silk to give up his career and become a full-time parent.

John saves every penny so he can show his daughter the world. Credit: Brightbee Communications

Vicky has now defied doctors' expectations but John is desperate to make every moment with his daughter count.

He dedicates every penny earned to taking his daughter around the world.

In the last 14 years the family have been on 24 trips and visited 15 countries.

Vicky has already fulfilled her dreams of swimming with dolphins, scuba diving and riding on an elephant.

Vicky fulfilled a dream to fly over an active volcano. Credit: Brightbee Communications
John couldn't be happier since giving up his career to spend time with Vicky. Credit: Brightbee Communications
John and his daughter Vicky. Credit: Brightbee Communications

John and his wife, Vicky's stepmother Gerry, have learned to adapt to a life without luxury.

By using food coupons, wearing old clothes and scrutinising their monthly outgoings, the couple are able to save enough to fund Vicky's trips.

"A lesson that I have learnt is to make the most of the highs in life and never take life or time for granted," John said.

"Hug your children now and get down on the floor with them and play snakes and ladders, even if they are 28 years old," he added.

Dreams Come True, a charity dedicated to helping terminally ill children, helped Vicky achieve her first dream when they flew her over an active volcano in Hawaii.

John has since become an ambassador for the charity after seeing the positive impact they had on Vicky's life.

"What the charity does is amazing, I have seen first-hand the power a dream can have on a child,” John said.

John and Vicky are already planning their next big adventure.