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10 things you didn't know about Brits Critic's Choice winner Jack Garratt

Garratt will release his debut album 'Phase' in February 2016. Credit: David Jensen/PA

Jack Garratt has followed in the footsteps of Adele, Sam Smith and James Bay as he picks up one of the surest markers of commercial success - a Brits Critics' Choice Award.

"To have been given this award is truly mind-blowing, considering I am one name in a hugely exciting time for music in this country," the 24-year-old said.

Here's 10 things you might not know about the emerging artist.

1. He would love to write a song with Stevie Wonder

Garratt grew up listening to the legendary singer. Credit: PA

Garratt says he was raised on the soul singer's classic hits and would love to work with him on projects in the future.

He is also inspired by the work of both Dave Grohl and Lianne la Havas who he admires for their songwriting and performance skills.

2. He failed to be selected for the European Song Contest

In 2005 Garratt entered a competition to represent the UK at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest - he was just 14 at the time.

The Brit winner came last in the selection - had he been chosen his musical career could have taken a very different route.

3. His favourite film is How To Train Your Dragon

Cate Blanchet at the premier of Garratt's favourite film. Credit: Doug Peters/PA

Garratt loves the 2010 kid's movie because of the enthralling story and the film's music. Garratt loved the score so much that he even bought the soundtrack.

4. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist

With a music teacher for a mum and a guitar tutor for a dad Garratt was never short of musical influences as a child.

He followed in his parents' footsteps and taught himself to play a number of instruments including the guitar, piano and even the trombone.

5. He is signed with major label Island Records

Garratt shows off his musical talents at a festival in Scotland. Credit: Katja Ogrin/PA

Garratt's relatively new contract with Island Records came about after he was granted a development deal - meaning that he was given a basic salary and spent two years working on his craft.

6. He is terrified before every performance

Garratt during an interview for ITV News. Credit: ITV News

Even thought he's got a Brit Award under his belt, Garratt admits he still suffers from pre-show nerves.

To cope with the tension he likes to have a joke between songs and make the audience laugh.

7. He originally planned to be a teacher

Garratt started a university course training to be a teacher - but he only lasted a term.

Although he enjoyed working as a teaching assistant at a primary school during his gap year, Garratt decided he had to follow his dream for a career in music.

8. He's a huge fan of cartoons

Garratt loves to watch South Park and Bob's Burgers when he needs to relax.

When he finds it difficult to switch off, Garratt opts for cartoons rather than complicated dramas to give his brain a bit of a break.

9. He loves gospel music

Stevie Wonder is a huge influence for Garratt. Credit: Katja Ogrin/PA

Despite not being brought up in a religious family Garratt loves the emotion and sense of community that gospel music evokes.

Garratt says he found his connection to gospel music through listening to Stevie Wonder, John Legend and The Roots.

10. His first job was in a cafe at a nude art gallery

Garratt was a waiter at the cafe when he was 14. The gallery was also a music venue and Garratt performed some of his first ever gigs there.